What We Do

We Specialize in processing Raw Salted Cattle Hides into Wet Blue and further process the leather to suit different grades of fully processed leather for Upholstery, Footwear and Clothing.

Our leather products and leather goods are custom-manufactured to accommodate customer requests. We are focused on providing quality leathers to manufacturers of leather products and Garments.

More focused on Cow and Bull cattle hide processing, we manufacture and deliver high quality processed cattle leather for all types of shoe production. We have a proven decade old expertise in Cow Premium Burnish, Cow Nubuck, Cow Scotch Grain, Cow Antique Softy, Cow Calf Spongy, Cow California, Cow Baby Calf, Cow Natural Milled, Cow Fine Milled, Cow Silky Nappa, Cow Smooth Nappa, Cow Softy, Cow H/C Softy, Cow C.G Softy, Cow Drum Dyed Lining, Cow Semi DD Lining, Cow Lining (Snuff) and Cow PDM. We also specialize in Sheep Softy, Sheep Butterbal, Sheep Cabretta, Sheep Nappa, Sheep Lining, Goat Upper Softy, Goat Glaze, Goat Nappa, Goat China Kid, Goat Nubuck, Goat Milled, Goat Tumbled and Goat Crunch varieties.

Currently our end product is used by shoe manufacturers to produce shoes for global brands including GoodYear Welted, Buggati, Clarks, Kikers, Regal, LumberJack, Timberland, Woodlands, Red Chif, Allen Cooper, Red Tape, etc.,

In addition to supplying Durable, flexible, uniform and comfortable leather most of the shoe manufacturers across the country, we also supply high-quality tannery products to Leather Garment Industry and Crust of various thickness (0,9-1,1 1,2-1,4 1,3-1,5) to Leather Upholstery Industry.

At Mother Industries, our goals are to manufacture fine leather products and respect every customer by providing exceptional customer service. We look forward to serving your leather needs and earning your trust.